Kayanoya Japanese Dashi Restaurant

by momen

If you want to eat delicious and real japanese dashi broth cuisine, I strongly recommend Kayanoya Japanese Dashi Restaurant in Fukuoka prefecture in Japan.

Kayanoya is a famous brand of dashi broth without any additives. The dashi broth is powdered and packed individually looks like tea packs so that you can easily use for home cooking. Kayanoya’s stores are located all around Japan but the restaurant is only in Fukuoka.

I ordered one of their 7 kinds course menu called ME which was far more amazing than I expected! I promise you can meet unforgettable taste, especially Japanese stew.

The restaurant is in deep in the mountains and It’s a house with a thatched roof and Japanese garden. Seems like a small village in old time!

They have shuttle bus picking up to your convenient station within 30 minutes. You must make a reservation before 2 month at sharp.

Kayanoya stores and restaurant

Online store for Japan and USA

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